Thursday 10 August 2017

REVIEW: FansToys FT-20 Terminus Giganticus

Where to begin with this one, eh? There are certain releases that can only be considered "event" figures, and I'm sure you'll agree that the idea of a Masterpiece-inspired Omega Supreme definitely qualifies for that honour. I mean, seriously - it's ridiculous when you think about it, isn't it? The size of the thing by itself is seemingly crazy, and for the longest time it seemed like such a release would always be merely a pipe dream for MP collectors. But what's this? We now have not one, but two third party offerings on the horizon representing that very character. First out of the gate is of course FansToys Terminus Giganticus, with DX9's Gabriel soon to follow. What a time to be a collector!

Of course, the biggest barrier for most people on figures like this, outside of having the physical space to keep such a thing, is going to be the cost. Gabriel seems to be shaping up a bit cheaper overall, but either way you're looking at putting down a fair chunk of change to have such a heap of robot amongst your collection. So, the big question then - is it worth it?

Thanks to the lovely folks over at we have the opportunity to find out!

Final note before I begin – this is a test shot, so there may well be some variance with the final product, including things like colours, accessories etc. as well as tolerances.

This being a test shot, I don't have the final packaging or instructions in hand. However, Terminus will actually come packaged in two separate parts. Set A is the tank section, which becomes the main body of the robot mode, as well as the backpack and wings. Set B will be everything else, including the arms and legs. It's an ambitious project, and no mistake.

In terms of accessories, it's difficult to quantify what actually counts in that regard and what's part of the 'bot himself, but he does feature a separate red piece that tabs into the crotch section should you prefer, as well as a choice of translucent or opaque red chest sections. I don't have the second chest section in hand so I can only show you the one, but it's nice to have options with the final release!

It's difficult to know where to begin with this behemoth of a release, but let's crack on and have a look at his alternate mode first. WOW. Needless to say it's a thing to behold. At least, that's once you've actually taken all of the various parts and finished assembling them of course! Like the G1 Omega Supreme toy, Terminus' base mode is made up of all the various bits from his robot mode disassembled and converted into separate parts. Once you finish putting it all together and step back to take it all in as one, it's really quite an awesome sight indeed. Observe!

First thing that has to be commented on is the size of this thing. You may be expecting something very big, but I promise you that little can prepare you for seeing it in person. In an effort to prep for this review I built a brand new photography set-up from scratch, but even that required further modification to account for the size of the base mode. It's massive in every sense, and looks the absolute NUTS.

With FansToys Spindrift

Impressed yet? If not then you will be as and when you get this thing in hand, believe me. It's one of those moments that honestly beggars belief... can a figure like this be real?

With Masterpiece Bumblebee

So, what's actually going on here. Well, you have the track, which is formed of Terminus' robot mode legs and the wings from his back. Then you have the tank, which is formed up of his main body. In the middle of it all there's a docking station-of-sorts, made up from both the 'bot feet and the backpack. And last but by no means least you have the rocket, which of course is made up from his arms. Put it all together and you have quite the set.

I'd say it's also an incredible attempt at recreating the cartoon appearance in all its glory! I almost can't wait to place that giant Autobot symbol on the side of the rocket.

Omega Supreme's animation model

Let's look at each piece individually, as much as we can. Firstly, the tank section is absolutely fab. It's big, chunky and feels very weighty due to the presence of plenty of diecast joints. It features rubber treads (always guaranteed to delight Transfans), and plenty of lovely little details including tampo "DANGER" signs and the like. It's all pretty great stuff.

The tank itself is not motorised in the same way as the G1 toy, which I have read is something that a few fans were maybe expecting. For my money, I'm very happy for it to not be the case. As fun as those sorts of gimmicks can be, they're not the kind of thing that I personally miss on a release like this. The main area of play value here comes more from the swivelling turret section, which of course is the robot mode head turned backwards (although with the face flipped and hidden inside!).

The tank section is really big even by itself, and looks quite sizeable next to the likes of the Masterpiece carbots. Overall, I think it's really well done, and is probably my favourite part of this base mode.

With Masterpiece Smokescreen

The track section also looks great and clips together really nicely. I'm impressed with how seamless it all is, especially considering how it folds up into a pair of giant articulated legs. Of particular note is the lighter, warm grey colour, which looks fab. The only thing to consider will be having the space to display all of the track somewhere - I know that I don't have the room!

Also with Badcube Lorry

Finally, you have the docking station and rocket, both of which are very well done. The docking station features two yellow ramps, and plenty of lovely moulded detail all over. I would say that it doesn't quite tab perfectly into the robot mode feet on the bottom, but it certainly looks pretty cool with its bright red stars and bright colours.

The rocket section itself is loads of fun, and looks brilliant with its colourful orange feet. In many ways this figure exposes how crazy a lot of the G1 cartoon was, as I always remember all of the Autobots climbing aboard the rocket to be flown to Cybertron or wherever, leaving behind the rest of the base section on Earth. Of course, when Omega arrived, he was able to transform to robot mode somehow... whilst this toy definitely won't provide you with those answers, it does do a stellar job at recreating the rocket in all its glory.

The rocket also features a small hatch and ramp which can be folded down, just as in the cartoon. Size-wise, it's far too small to be convincing with Masterpiece-scaled figures, although it does work beautifully with WST toys! Another oddity from the cartoon that can't really be explained, I guess, but no doubt FansToys have done a stellar job here.

Also with Badcube Grump & X-Transbots Boost

With WST figures

Overall, I have to say that the whole thing looks and feels really impressive. Whilst I was expecting big things, I really have been blown away by how well done the whole set is, and how much attention to detail is shown here. If anything, some of the smaller touches are a little lost when looking at the ensemble, it's all so big! Of course, where this set really comes into its own is in interacting with other figures. Honestly, it's just so much fun. I would wager this is about as close to a Masterpiece-styled "playset" that we're ever going to get, and it really is a thing of beauty.

Also with Masterpiece Grapple

Also with Badcube Brawny, Toyworld Spaceracer, X-Transbots Arkose & Glider

With Masterpiece Ratchet

Also with Masterpiece Wheeljack

Scale-quirks aside, probably the only downside of this whole mode is knowing where on Earth you can display the thing! But really, that's a nice complaint to have.

The G1 Omega Supreme toy is pretty much the ultimate partsformer, so it should come as no surprise that Terminus follows suit. All of the different sections from the base mode transform independently before combining into one massive whole of a robot form. If you're put off by partsforming in principle, you might want to move on quickly!

One might imagine that something this size is incredibly complex when it comes to transformation, but the good news here is that there's really nothing that should cause you any issues. If anything, it's all quite easy, and probably just seems more complicated through the sum of its parts. The tank section becoming the main body of the robot is probably the most involved piece, and features a surprising number of steps in order to bring it into shape. Still, it's all very logical.

The most fiddly bits are definitely the legs, which are made up of the main sections of track and then combined with the feet. There is a bit of an art to getting everything together, and it did take me a couple of attempts on the first go. It can be a little frustrating if you don't get it right first time, but once you know what to do it shouldn't cause you much bother. The main thing is just making sure that everything tabs together properly as you go.

After that it's all pretty simple. The arms and wings are beyond a doddle, and everything clips together easily and very solidly to form the gigantic beast of a robot form.

Oh, boy. If you're not yet sold on the idea of this being a true "event" release, then just wait until you catch sight of this big boy in robot mode. Seriously. I feel like I will always remember where I was when I first glimpsed this guy in person. It's just... so... BIG.

It's almost more than that, though. There's something about Terminus in this mode that just feels immense. Gigantic, even. I mean, yes, he's a big toy, obviously. But it's as if his presence is even larger. It's such an awesome interpretation of the character, it's honestly difficult to not see it in person and find yourself giggling with childish delight.

Needless to say, this thing looks the absolute business. There's so much going on, but as a complete robot mode it's very difficult to not be immediately impressed. Even putting the scale of him to one side, it's a very handsome representation all the same, and one that does a great job at recalling the character from the animation. When I look at him I can immediately hear that voice bellowing...

Omega Supreme's animation model

It's also a surprisingly clean and tidy robot mode. Considering how many pieces all have to transform and come together, it's rather amazing that everything looks so purposeful here. You could almost be forgiven to thinking that this is a non-transforming figure, it looks so good.

Closer inspection brings more delight. Terminus is chock full of beautiful moulded details and decorative touches. I like that he's not overdone though. On a figure this size it would have been far too easy to plaster him in tons of greebles and the like, but I think the cleaner look that FansToys have gone for keeps him feeling more reminiscent of the cartoon appearance, and certainly more in line with modern Masterpiece figures.

One particular area that shines is the head and facesculpt. Honestly, it's just glorious. The visor pops up to reveal the face in all its glory, and I find myself struggling to imagine a better interpretation of the Autobot giant. The orange colour and baby blue eyes just look delicious.

The eyes do actually light up, as well. Flip a small switch in the back of the face and you're away! I have to say that they look good, despite me always being a bit skeptical about such gimmicks. What I am pleased about is that the eyes don't look "dead" when not illuminated, so that's a relief.

Of course, Terminus also features light-up gimmicks in both his arm sections, with red LEDs on each cannon part. It works well and definitely adds a bit of fun!

Where things do fall down a little is with the grey plastic that is used for most of the body. Whilst everything feels absolutely fine to the touch, it's quite disappointing to see some rather obvious swirling going on. By no means does it ruin his appearance overall, but it's still a bit of a black mark nonetheless. One might expect better at this price point.

Overall though, there's little doubt that Terminus is a bit of a beaut', but how well does he handle? After all, how much fun can a massive figure like this be in terms of poseability and playability? As it turns out, quite a bit! I was initially a little worried that he was not at all stable, but it quickly turned out that I just hadn't flipped out a rather welcome pair of chunky heels which give him a more than solid footing in the majority of poses. Add that to sturdy, strong joints, and it's quite surprising how many poses you're able to put this guy through.

Don't get me wrong, it can be a bit of a challenge to get him into some of the more dynamic stances, especially as the sheer weight of picking him up repeatedly leaves you feeling like you've had a solid workout! You do also have to be careful to balance him properly in more extreme poses, or the weight of him may well be enough to take him over despite those strong joints. Still though, I've been really quite impressed with what can be achieved, and it's more than enough to quash any reports I'd read of him not being at all poseable. I'd also heard fears of hollow legs or weak plastic, but I can honestly say that I haven't had a single issue in that regard. Probably my only real annoyance is that the backpack has a habit of coming untabbed quite a bit when you try and pose his arms or pick him up. It's not the end of the world, but it can be a bit annoying. Still, if you pick him up from under the waist, you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

In fact, he's so solid that he's even capable of picking up and holding other Masterpiece-sized figures! It's the kind of thing that really demonstrates the fun potential with a release of this scale, and truly makes you aware of just how massive Terminus is. I will say that I wouldn't leave any figures in his hand on display for long though, as the elbow ratchets are probably not strong enough to confidently rely on them for a long time. Still, it was more than enough for a bit of play time, and certainly gave me more than enough time to snap a few pics.

With Masterpiece Megatron

With Masterpiece Laserwave

In many ways, it's these interactions with other figures that make Terminus so special. As a figure unto himself he's impressive as it is, but it's when you put him next to the rest of your collection that his selling point becomes so obvious. He absolutely dwarfs figures that were previously considered as large scale, most notably FansToys' own Grinder and Phoenix. Something about him is so gargantuan that he sort of brings your whole display together.

Also with Masterpiece Starscream

With Unite Warriors Devastator

With Masterpiece Optimus Prime

With FansToys Grinder

With FansToys Phoenix

FansToys Autobots!

Another obvious comparison is with TakaraTomy Legends Fortress Maximus, who previously reigned supreme as the largest Transformer on record. Whilst arguably that's still true at head height, Terminus is certainly squaring up to him and stands pretty much eye-to-eye, although he is no doubt bigger overall due to his wings. Seeing the two of them together is awe-inspiring, to say the least.

With Legends Fortress Maximus

So, what else is there to say? Terminus Giganticus is, in many ways, an absolutely ridiculous piece. He really shouldn't exist to begin with. And yet, now that he does I honestly couldn't be happier!

Autobot group shot!

There are many words to describe this release. MASSIVE. Chunky. Fun. Sturdy. Ridiculous. Gargantuan. EPIC. Take your pick really, he's all these things and more.

Is he perfect? No, certainly not, but you certainly can't fault the level of ambition here. In many ways that's probably bolstered the final rating I've awarded him, although it's also difficult to really imagine awarding him any less in many regards. Probably the biggest question that you need to ask yourself is if you think it's worth spending so much money on a figure like this for your collection. If that's something you can contemplate, it's hard to imagine you'll end up disappointed with the results.

What's HOT?
So much. The size, the ambition... all very impressive stuff. The figure itself is tons of fun though, and really well made. He's also an immensely handsome bugger, with a cracking face sculpt.

What's NOT?
The price. Past that, his biggest problems are the swirly grey plastic and the fact that the backpack comes untabbed a bit too easily. That's about it. Oh, and you may struggle to find a space to display him!

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  1. Great review again. The photos are a delight to watch. You really give this figure the credit it deserves in all detail.

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the lovely comment. :)

  2. I'm so jealous right about now! awesome work mate.

  3. Your reviews cost me money, every time!

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  6. Great review. FT-20 is pretty much as tall as Hasbro's Fortress Max which, I assume, makes him slightly taller than Hasbro's Metroplex. Which one in robot-mode is heavier FT-20 or Fort Max?

    1. Thanks so much! He's actually a bit taller than Fort Max. They're just about the same at head height, but Omega definitely takes it overall, especially with the wings. He's a LOT heavier than Max, too.

  7. What is his actual weight by the way?