Monday 11 February 2019

GALLERY: G1 Season 1 Autobots & Decepticons

If you follow me on social media at all then you may have come across my series of G1 cartoon portraits, which I've been posting daily for the last few weeks. Well, now it's time to share the entire completed series in one place, with a full album of all forty-five characters! The idea really came about as a celebration of seeing every season 1 main character represented in Masterpiece or third party form of some kind, even though in reality that roster is ever-evolving! In fact, with a new Masterpiece Bumblebee having just been properly revealed, not to mention a new Optimus Prime and Hound on the way, it shows you how much this line-up will likely change in the future. However, it's a good snapshot of where my collection currently stands and the choices I have made so far for each character.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering - yes, this is the full cast of main characters that appeared in the cartoon's first season! Characters like Buzzsaw didn't appear until season 2, and even though the likes of the Dinobots and Constructicons were in the second wave of vintage toys they did appear in the first year of the show. I opted against including characters like Sunstorm and Acid Storm however, as as the time the cartoon aired they were just nameless background characters, and would feel odd as part of this line-up. My list, my rules!

Right then, here's the full album for you to enjoy... Autobots first!

Optimus Prime (Hasbro Masterpiece)

Ironhide (MP-27)

Ratchet (MP-30)

Jazz (Maketoys Downbeat)

Wheeljack (MP-20)

Hound (FansToys Willis)

Bumblebee (MP-21 Bumble)

Sunstreaker (MP-39)

Sideswipe (MP-12+ Lambor)

Bluestreak (MP-18)

Mirage (Ocular Max Sphinx Alternative)

Cliffjumper (X-Transbots Toro)

Trailbreaker (Badcube Speedbump)

Brawn (Badcube Brawny)

Gears (Badcube Grump)

Huffer (Badcube Huff)

Windcharger (X-Transbots Boost)

Prowl (MP-17+)

Grimlock (FansToys Grinder)

Slag (FansToys Scoria)

Sludge (FansToys Stomp)

Snarl (FansToys Sever)

Swoop (FansToys Soar)

Skyfire (FansToys Phoenix)

And now it's time for the Decepticons...

Megatron (MP-36)

Soundwave (MP-13)

Shockwave (MP-29 Laserwave)

Starscream (MP-11)

Skywarp (MP-11SW)

Thundercracker (MP-11T)

Rumble (MP-16 Frenzy)

Ravage (MP-15)

Laserbeak (MP-13)

Frenzy (MP-15 Rumble)

Reflector (Maketoys Visualizers)

Bombshell (Badcube Hypno)

Shrapnel (Badcube Claymore)

Kickback (Badcube Kickbutt)

Scrapper (Unite Warriors UW-04)

Scavenger (Unite Warriors UW-04)

Bonecrusher (Unite Warriors UW-04)

Mixmaster (Unite Warriors UW-04)

Hook (Unite Warriors UW-04)

Long Haul (Unite Warriors UW-04)

Devastator (Unite Warriors UW-04)

So, that's your lot! Here's the full album collected in one image. Maybe I'll give season 2 a go at some point in the future too!

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  1. Nice! Very close to my own collection, really. I have the toyworld constructicons and they are very nice as individual bots. In particular Bonecrusher and Scavenger, with their thread-wheel legs. Went with Maketoys Gundog for Hound... actually one of my first third party purchases. My old BC Sunny serves well, and I swapped out the official Sideswipe for the Badcube one, which has better proportions in my opinion.

    Nice to see Maketoys Visualisers and the Badcube bug corps on your list. Those are criminally underrated in my opinion. Using MMC's Terragis and picking up the Gigapower Dinobots... yeah, patience is key with those.

    My shockwave is Cloud 9's Quakeblast, because he's just far more visually imposing than the takara one... especially since I have the black version with the red eye. Ah, it's good to have options, no?

    1. Yeah, options are very definitely a good thing! It's all about building your own collection at the end of the day - no right or wrong choices.

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  2. Amazing!! Very well done. Thanks for taking the time to put into this.

    Season 2 would be a SMASHING addition should you ever get around to it!

    1. Thank you so much! I'd love to do it but I don't have a complete cast... yet! :D

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  3. I keep coming back to look at these pics

    just awesome



    1. Thanks so much, dude, appreciate it!

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  5. How did you get Trailbreaker and Huffer, I can't find any shop sites that have them in stock

  6. I got 1 badcube speedbump and when I tried to transform him from vehicle to robot his right leg came loose and I had to send it back to the seller on eBay, I got another one in robot mode and it too had loose right leg, I think speedbump is no longer a cool figure, I blame those for poorly making it become bad!

    1. Third party companies simply aren't as big as those other officially licensing transformers companies like Hasbro or Takara Tomy. Hence, they just simply can't afford to have as many quality inspections as those official figures. so don't blame them.

  7. Love the pics! Really well done. I need a fee to complete mine. I know fanstoys phoenix is the best so far but I'm not willing to pay those prices, is there a worthy alternative?

  8. Est-il possible d'avoir la saison 2 ?

  9. Rumble is Red and Frenzy is Blue/Purple.

    1. Not in the cartoon

    2. Actually it is true in the cartoon, but the show is rife with color errors and Rumble and Frenzy suffer the most from it.

    3. Rumble is blue in the cartoon. Type in rumble tidal wave... its soundwave calling rumble( blue ) out

    4. Frenzy was sold as the blue one on a g1 80s casseticons package. But that was an error from the original cartoon

  10. Awesome post, Please do season 2

  11. We Need Season 2 And 3 PLEASSSSE

  12. Also Is There Specific Place I Can Buy These?

  13. Can I Just Say I Love The Order You Put them in. Apart from Prowl it feels like the order I would put them in. I can’t explain it. It just feels right and when u get to it I hope u do the same with the rest of the Transformers from G1.

  14. They forgot the areobots and the combatacons

  15. These portraits are amazing! I've actually just recently gotten into the g1 show, and was planning on doing a transformers themed inktober, so this is helping massively to put together the prompt list. Thank you so much for this, sixo!

  16. You forgot buzzsaw bro he was 100 percent season 1 og character

  17. This is dope!!!! At your convenience don’t forget Grapple aka “Hauler” as he was called in season 1. He definitely was there originally from The Ark cast too episode 1