Wednesday 20 May 2020

#GCWO: The Great Cybertronian Write Off (part 6)

It's almost hard to believe that this last week we hit the 40th(!) entry in the ongoing GCWO - how time flies when you're waxing nostalgic about vintage toys, eh? Anyway, if you're still not sure just what I'm banging on about then allow me to enlighten you, as The Great Cybertronian Write Off is fast becoming the new hot thing on the internet!

OK so there might be more than a dash of hyperbole in that last comment, but still it's been a fun ride! Essentially I've teamed up with fellow Transfans TFSquareOne and Toybox Soapbox to publish a mini-review on a different G1 toy every day using our respective social media accounts under the hashtag #GCWO. Now it's time for me to provide the usual weekly summary, so here are the sixth week's entries collected in one place (although you'll need to check out the other chaps' blogs to see their contributions in full stunning detail).

The design and style of the formatting might already be obvious to you, but if not then check out TFSquareOne's first post to see what it's all about! Huge thank you to loveable internet genius, tikgnat for providing his valuable time and attention on the design front here.

So, without further ado - here's last week's activity, which was another duel-effort from myself and TFSquareone!

Day 38: Camshaft
Day 39: Astrotrain (c/o TFSquareOne)
Day 40: Venom
Day 41: Red Alert (c/o TFSquareOne)
Day 42: Ransack
Day 43: Blitzwing (c/o TFSquareOne)
Day 44: Inferno

I'll publish a new entry each week, but in the meantime be sure to catch up with the action on social media each day by following the #GCWO hashtag.

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